Should I Hire a Car in the South of France?

France is large country, with plenty of long country roads to explore. This is why renting a car is a good idea for anyone visiting the south of the country, around Nice, who wants to be laid back and flexible about what they do and see.

Nice is actually the fifth most populous city in France, which means that car hire at Nice airport is not hard to find. Anyone staying in Nice itself will find plenty to keep them occupied, with the city often referred to as ‘Nice the Beautiful’. Indeed, its beautiful coastal setting means that there has been human settlement here since at least 350 BC, when the Greeks founded a colony.

Some reasons to use a car rental Nice Airport service

That means that there is a lot of history to be found in the surrounding area. This, of course, is another very good reason for renting a car. Your own vehicle makes it much easier to reach all the great historical and cultural sites surrounding the city, without having to worry about using public transport.

This is particularly important for families with children. Travel by public transport can be expensive and stressful in a foreign country, especially if you do not speak the language. Hiring a car means that you can drive straight away from the airport to where you are staying, and then travel around the area as you would wish.

One of the great delights of France is the way the country roads meander through delightful small villages. It is in these places that you can find charming restaurants, serving delightful food, which, as in much of Provence, uses fish and olive oil in abundance. You can appreciate the subtle differences of emphasis and nuance in the various villages around Nice by hiring a car.

There are also a number of other really charming and attractive towns that fall within easy reach of Nice if you have hired a car. Cannes, with its glamorous annual film festival, is full of the suave and sophisticated at any time of year. Quieter places like Antibes, where Picasso lived and worked for some time, also come within reach when you have a car. The gorgeous countryside of Provence makes for lovely driving country, while the coastline has some lovely beaches to stop off at. If you want to leave France itself, just for a little while, then drive across the border to Monaco, and soak up some of the glamour of Monte Carlo.

A car also makes it possible to book your accommodation in a more pleasant rural location rather than in the city itself. This not only makes it a more relaxing environment, away from urban bustle, but also allows you to really soak up the spirit of this lovely part of Provence.

Trips Outside Nice in your Rental Car

Nice is the fifth largest city in France in terms of population, and enjoys a reputation as an attractive southern French city with some great beaches and cuisine.

The city is also a great place at which to base yourself for exploring the wider area of Provence. While staying in the town itself and enjoying the outdoors cafe culture is pleasant enough, getting out to explore the attractions of the surrounding region offers some really fascinating experiences.

The town of Cannes is only a half hour or so’s drive away from Nice. Slightly smaller than its neighbour, this is the location of the glamorous film festival which takes place annually. This is a town where the stars come to play, and the glitz and glamour are on display all year round. Just wandering around soaking up the atmosphere is a great way to spend a morning in the sun in Cannes.

Another great day trip Nice offers is an excursion to Saint-Paul de Vence. This attractive walled town is built on the top of a hill, and possesses picturesque cobbled streets and some lovely buildings to wander amongst. Artists such as Henri Matisse and writers like D H Lawrence have spent time here. Contemporary artists continue to flock here, and there are many waterfront venues offering their works for sale. The country market which takes place every Wednesday morning is a great opportunity to pick up some local culinary delights.

Taking a train to Monaco is also a recommended day trip Nice offers. Everything about Monaco is luxurious, from the railway station to the Monte Carlo Casino. The tax-free status of this independent state draws in the super rich and famous, while the Monaco Grand Prix, raced through the streets of Monte Carlo, is an annual festival of thrills.

For something a little quieter and less glitzy, take the short 15 minute train journey from Nice to Villefranche sur Mer. This charming old town is heaped on a hillside, and is often used as a location for film makers.

History and art enthusiasts will be drawn to the town of Antibes, which dates back to the Roman era. A place where Picasso spent much of his life, the castle here was a workplace for the great Spanish artists. Now it is a museum dedicated to his life and work. The old port town, with its market and restaurants, is a great place to explore, and you are sure to pull out a treat or two as you do so.

Day trips from Nice are a great way to spend time in Provence. Take your time, and enjoy everything that they offer.

Cheap Car Hire Nice Airport Rates

Nice is a fantastic city to visit with so much to admire and enjoy both within the city and its surrounding areas.  You can compare car rental Nice Airport rates here today. We provide quotes from many of the finest local firms. Simply fill in the dates you wish to travel and hit search. You can then choose from a huge range of cars listed side by side making your choice a straightforward one.

You may be traveling to Nice with family, on a romantic trip with a loved one or perhaps on your own. You can choose a compact vehicle if you are on a tight budget. We also have plenty of good family options with people carriers often proving a popular choice. Nice is of course well known for it riches and celebrity residents so if you truly want to feel at home then you may wish to rent one of our luxury cars. These are more affordable then you might think so its worth a quick search to see what current deals we have on offer.

You should always try to arrange a car well in advance. During the summer months Nice is a very busy place and cars can be booked up fast. This also means that prices can be high as supply starts to run out. If you can book a month or two before arriving then you are likely to save some money. You will also have a better chance of obtaining the type of car you want rather than just settling for whats left.

car hire nice airport

There are a few optional add ons that you may wish to consider such as excess insurance. This can be obtained for a fraction of the normal cost during the booking process. These policies offer great piece of mind for drivers when they are in new surroundings. There are various other options such as additional drivers, baby seats etc which you may wish to consider.

Try to plan ahead as much as possible, Think carefully about what you require from your rental car. How much space do you need? carrying a lot of luggage? any passengers with special requirements? It can really affect the enjoyment of a holiday if the conditions are uncomfortable. Driving around for long periods in a warm climate can be tough for some people. This can lead to unnecessary arguments which could easily be avoided with some forward planning.

Nice Can Host Spectacular Celebrations For New Year

Many people like to get away from home when Christmas has started to become stale and the New Year celebrations approach. With its warm weather and glamorous lifestyle, the South of France is a great destination to choose for a New Year break. The town of Nice provides a useful base and backdrop to any short breaks of this type, designed to soak up the celebrations and see in the New Year in style.

In the afternoon of New Years Eve, the Place Massena is the place to be, especially if you have children with you. The square will be brought to life with shows featuring characters from famous French cartoons, and the atmosphere is one of festivity and camaraderie.

There are also events and shows held in the Place Garibaldi during the day on New Years Eve, again mainly aimed at children. This entertainment often consists of storytelling, and can be delivered on some occasions by famous French children’s authors. The level of audience participation is high, and children can really enjoy themselves here.

As you might expect in France, as the evening wears on there are a number of great bars and restaurants to enjoy celebrations in. Some of the best restaurants are associated with hotels, and so can be pricey. Having a drink and a bite at a cheaper establishment, and then hitting the Promenade des Anglais is perhaps the most cost effective way of enjoying New Years Eve in Nice. Taking a bottle down to the harbour to enjoy as midnight nears will put you right in the heart of where some of the more glamorous parties are taking place.

One super event which takes place in Nice on New Years Day is the concert at the Acropolis in the Salle Apollon. Guests are treated each year to a superb programme of music, played by the Philharmonique de Nice. This is a lovely way to soothe any lingering hangovers that you may have from the night before, and to begin the New Year in a relaxing and stimulating way.


A skating rink is also present in Nice, and usually offers special events for the festive season. Beginners or experienced skaters can enjoy four daily skating sessions at the rink, which has a great atmosphere at this time of year.

Nice is a great place in which to experience New Years Eve and the following few days. With great places to eat, as well as top level concert to enjoy, all in a great climate, it is hard to think of anywhere better to see in the New Year.

Driving in the South of France is Easy when you Follow the Rules of the Road

Many people decide to take their cars with them to the South of France each year, often driving after making the trip across the Channel using a ferry. While there are many well-known problems associated with driving in this part of France at especially busy times of year, with some simple steps, no one should feel too daunted by the journey.

Drivers should also be aware that the roads around the major resorts in the South of France, such as Cannes and Nice, can be very busy during the summer holiday season. Negotiating the congestion can be frustrating and extremely stressful, so it is wise to prepare yourself psychologically for this by expecting it to happen. Build the extra time such congestion might add to journeys into your plans, by leaving extra time in the day. That way, you should be able to handle the hassle associated with French roads at this busy time of year.

When driving on motorways in France, you will also be expected to pay tolls. Prices vary, depending on where you are, but the logistics of using toll roads are not complex, as long as you stay calm. You can pay the tolls with cards or cash, and cars go through different booths depending on the method of payment that you are using. Many of the booths are self-service, so make sure that you have a means of paying handy in the car as you travel.

If you have long distances to travel then it can also be a good idea to avoid the main motorways and use Bison Fute routes, also known colloquially as ‘Bis’. These roads often follow old Roman roads, and though they are not high speed, they can take your through some gorgeous countryside. As there are no tolls on these roads, it can also make your journey cheaper as well as more pleasant.


Taking a break at regular intervals is also to be recommended, for the sake of your peace of mind as much as anything else, though it also reduces the risk of accidents. Thankfully, as part of a program of encouraging drivers to take breaks, there is often some kind of entertainment laid on at service stations. This can vary from some kind of sporting event to performances by clowns and similar.

Another vital thing to do is to follow the rules of the road while you are in France. All cars in France drive on the right hand side of the road, and seat belts are compulsory in both the front and back seats of vehicles. Children over the age of 10 are allowed in the front seat. It is also wise to keep licences and other travel documents handy for roadside checks from police.

Follow the rules of the road, and prepare yourself for problems, and driving in the south of France should not be any more problematic than driving anywhere else in the world.

Explore the Wilder Side of Nice

Nice may well be one of France’s more glamorous and cultured cities, but there is still plenty to do for those visitors who favour something more adventurous and rustic than shopping and sitting sipping coffee in nice cafes. For this kind of visitor, there are many discovery parks located within accessible reach of the city itself.

One of the most impressive of these parks is the Scenoparc Alpha, just an hour or so’s drive from the coast. This magical place is the home of the wolves of Mercantour, and children and adults alike will enjoy this wonderful wildlife venue. Visitors are welcomed by people who give a great outline of the life of the local pack, before heading off to see the wolves themselves.

For a different kind of animal-related experience, visitors should head to Espace Marineland, located in nearby Antibes. This is the largest marine park in Europe, and you can thrill to marvellous maritime displays from dolphins, Orca and sea lions. As well as the displays from the outdoor animals, visitors can see a huge aquarium which includes the Tunnel of Sharks. There are even Polar Bears living in the warmth of the south of France here.

One feature of this part of France is its geological features, and visitors can explore this part of the local geography at the Souterroscope de la Grotte de Baume Obscure. The underground landscapes here can be explored via a 700 metre looping trail which takes visitors underground. There is commentary and audio provided, and the lighting makes the experience resemble that of the intrepid caver, using his lamp to illuminate ever more beautiful rock features.

If you fancy twisting and turning your body over various adventurous courses and obstacles, then you will love a visit to Labyfolies, in Villeneuve-Loubet. There are 40 games to discover here, as you make your way through a maze, picking up clues and meeting the physical challenges with which you are presented.

If you are looking for something a little more cosmic, then head to the Astorama in Èze. This venue takes advantage of the clear skies at night to allow visitors to view the stars and planets through telescopes and binoculars. Open Sky evenings are great for families here, while more serious adults might want to take part in one of the conferences which take place.

For an exciting and watery adventure experience, Aquasplash is the place to be. This is one of the largest water parks in Europe, and features 22 large water slides as well as a wave pool and pirate’s island. Get here to get wet and enjoy yourself.

With such a range of options on offer when it comes to discovery parks, no visitor should ever feel bored in the Nice region. If all that glamorous hanging about on the Promenade Anglais gets too much for you, head out to one of these great venues and see something different.

Nice: A Superb Getaway To Soothe Mind And Body

Nice is well known for its glamour and sun-soaked beach life. It is one of the best cities in Europe to cruise down the promenade, wearing sunglasses and looking cool. There is also plenty of history and culture to keep visitors of a more cerebral mindset busy.

There is another kind of holiday which can be enjoyed by visitors to this part of France though. As well as enjoying the glamour, shopping and history of Nice, visitors can relax in one of the many luxury spa hotels which are dotted around this part of Provence.

There are several luxury hotels offering many modern health and wellness treatments. For fitness lovers, a hotel with a gym might well be the prime target, and there are plenty of good hotels within easy reach of Nice with top quality gyms.

After exercise though, it may well be that you need some massage to help your mind and muscles relax and recover. Different kinds of massage are on offer at the various spa hotels within the region, with specialties such as Indian head massage on offer at several.

You can also pick up some good advice in a spa or health centre. As part of your trip, you may well be able to speak to health professionals who can provide you with tips and hints that you can take home with you to improve your lifestyle and health. Dietary advice can be especially valuable in this context.

Another great way of relaxing is to enjoy a sauna or steam room. The heat here will help to clear the stress from your body, as well as cleanse the pores of your skin and help your body to detoxify itself more quickly. A jacuzzi can increase this process further.

Once you have detoxed and unwound sufficiently, it might well be time to explore what Nice can offer in the way of healthy food and drink. There is a wonderful fruit and vegetable market which is held on the famous Cours Saleya every morning except Mondays.

This wonderful spectacle will delight anyone who enjoys eating wonderful fruit and vegetables, with long trestle tables loaded with marvellous produce. There are also some more sinful delicacies on offer for those who want a break from all that healthiness, with pastries and candied fruits sold for those who want to enjoy a treat or two.

Nice luxury spa breaks are a great way of seeing just what this part of France can offer. As well as enjoying the delights of one of France’s finest cities, you can also return from holiday feeling healthier than when you set off. Surely that must be incentive enough to explore what this kind of holiday destination can offer.